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CN23 Customs Form 

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Sample Input

Fill in your Sender / Exporter Information, or store this info for future use in your personal profile information.

Upload the .xls file containing all your Amazon or eBay orders information, as exported from each Marketplace. We also provide templates for further assistance on the valid data required by the platform.

Sample Output

Zip file containing all output CN23 PDFs.

Sample of output CN23 files

Greek CN23 Sample Output Form

French CN23 Sample Output Form

General CN23 Sample Output Form


A Customs Declaration Form (CN23) is a customs document used for international trade activities regarding goods transported overseas. It contains information about:

  • Your company ‘s basic details

  • Buyer’s basic details

  • The nature of the goods (including a description, value and price)

  • The country of origin.

  • The Customs tariff number

  • Your Company’s VAT number

  • Export date and Invoice number


We built this site in order to fully automate the CN23 issuing procedure.

All you need to do is:

  1. Fill-in the “Sender Information” fields

  2. Press “Submit” to save your data

  3. Download the default templates

    • Amazon Orders CN23 Template: For Amazon orders customs declarations

    • eBay Orders CN23 Template: For eBay orders customs declarations

    • General Orders CN23 Template: For your e-shop’s orders customs declarations

  4. Download your orders data from Amazon/eBay/E-shop. Then simply copy and paste these data accordingly to fill-in the templates.

  5. Save the completed template

  6. Choose the saved file and press “Upload Now!”

  7. After a few seconds your CN23 .pdf documents are ready to download and print.


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