What is a Customs Declaration (CN23)?

A Customs Declaration (CN23) is a customs document, used during international trade activities when goods are being transported overseas. It contains information about:
• The nature of the goods (including a detailed description and value)
• The country of origin.
• The Customs tariff number

When is a Customs Declaration used?

If your goods are being transported outside of the EU. You must attach a signed and dated CN23. The document informs Customs of the contents of your consignment and helps them to check for banned or restricted items.

Why do I need a CN23?

You MUST have a Customs Declaration to send goods outside of the EU. If a declaration is not provided OR is completed incorrectly it can lead to delays or even seizure of the goods by Customs.

Where can I get a CN23?

You can use our online solution "AlgorAI CN23"  to help you generate paper and electronic versions, just remember to use the free trial to see how you get on first.

Our company Algomyth LTD is not responsible for any wrong data input, false printing or any possible errors and claims that may arise through out the whole custom declaration process. We strongly recommend that you check the validity of the form with your local post office



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